GJLGabriella is an American, born and raised in Greece, and lived in Pakistan for a number of years before moving to the USA in her teens. In 1997 she migrated to New Zealand with her husband and daughter building their earth brick home studio and guesthouse on Waiheke Island. 

She's exhibited in galleries in NYC, Boston, CT, Italy and Auckland and continues to draw the admiration of collectors around the world, selling her paintings from her studio gallery at Casale di Terra to international visitors and patrons who come to the island. Her works are in private collections in the USA, Austria, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Australia, Turkey and Japan.

With her special commission works Gabriella offers gentle and respectful guidance and acts as a sounding board as you explore in your own rhythm what you want conveyed in your commissioned work of art.  

Gabriella has been a volunteer at Waiheke Hospice and supports Mercy Beyond Borders .

To view her C.V. and portfolio of artworks click www.lewenz.net

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