A painting that captures the spirit of your passage...

as you journey to Casale di Terra on

Waiheke Island, New Zealand


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"I want to express my appreciation again for your efforts in getting me a gorgeous painting.

The whole experience of commissioning a piece of art was new to me.    From the beginning you explained it well.   You were so receptive to my inputs.  I could tell that you really wanted to have the end result be what I wanted.

The process which you follow is easy, especially since it’s all done remote and via phone and email.    I enjoyed speaking with you throughout the process to make my painting “come alive”.   You definitely have a talent in listening to someone describe what they are looking for bringing it to reality.   I hope my numerous inputs and descriptions helped you in the process as well.

I am very happy with the final product.  I consider this painting not only something which your created, but something which I had a role in creating.    It is hanging in my dining room and getting much conversation.   The other abstract is in the living room.    If I could find more wall space in my house, then  I would ask you to commission another painting.   Maybe some day and the next time with the stay.

Until we speak again keeping painting beautiful paintings."  R.R.  CA, USA




The bumper sticker says Far enough behind to be ahead and it's true. No traffic lights, no fast-food chains, at night the stars come out without competition from street lamps. The facility, Casale di Terra, and Waiheke Island are about beaches, coves, vineyards, fresh foods & outstanding dining, coastal walks in a sophisticated, laid-back environment.

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You come as Gabriella's guest - stay in the Casale guest cottage for up to 3 nights (complimentary).

Headlands trail

Explore the island, walk its trails and beaches, allow time to let go, to let the sea clear your mind.


Relax, reflect and discuss with Gabriella the painting she will create for you.

Video for Visitors to Waiheke Island